The new way to experience music


UI, UX, Art Direction, Design System, Information Architecture, HTML/CSS

Tabloud stands as a groundbreaking platform, ushering in a fresh approach to experiencing and sharing music. Within this vibrant community, artists and musicians unite to celebrate the innate harmony between art and music, creating visual masterpieces inspired by songs or paying homage to revered musicians. It forms an organic ecosystem, providing a space where musicians, visual artists, and devoted fans can collaboratively explore their creativity, free from any extraneous diversions.

For Artists, Tabloud offers a dedicated platform to showcase your talent. Create your own page and share artworks inspired by music. As a Musician, you can keep your audience updated with your latest activities, curate your collection, and gain valuable insights through access to detailed statistics.

Users flows

Our approach in building the entire platform begins with user flows as the foundation. This ensures a shared language between designers and engineers and helps maintain a holistic view of the project.

Design System

While collaborating on defining the user flows, I was able to independently work on the Design System.

Tech Stack

The platform is entirely custom-built. The front-end is developed using React.js, while the back-end is powered by Python. For infrastructure, we leverage a combination of AWS services including Cloudfront, EC2, Lambda, and RDS.

User Experience

In designing the user interface, we implemented various avenues for content exploration:

  • Guided navigation featuring highlighted and thematic sections
  • Freeform search capability by specific terms




April 2022

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