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UI, UX, Information Architecture, Project Management

Greci is a historic, family-run, company founded in 1961 by Franco Greci. The main point of reference in the hardware, plumbing, heating, industrial items, building and housewares sectors in the Rome area.
The goal was to bring over the web their catalog of 100,000+ products.

Technological Challenge

The technological challenge was to put the Zucchetti management software in communication with the e-commerce site built on WooCommerce.
We created an architecture that would fit the existing one and developed a custom bridge plugin to allow the continuous exchange of information between the website and the management software.

User Experience

We designed the user interface of the new website with different navigation paths:

  • General search AJAX and WordPress default search
  • Browsing by product line with multiple dynamic filters
  • Guided navigation through featured products


November 2022

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