Becky Wasserman & CO

More Wine, Less Attitude

Becky Wasserman & Co is a wine brokerage founded in 1979 based in Burgundy, France.
The Company approached me with a specific communication challenge. They represent both famous estates in classic regions and wineries with moderately priced wines. Thus the goal was a website where both type of wine would be comfortable, a place where everyone is welcome. There was a lot of content to organize being each winery very rich in details. At the same time, the search/wineries is the core of the website and must be as effective as possible without cluttering the interface.

Photos: Michael Joly—Illustrations: Michela Chiucini, Cristiana Chiucini

illustration + web design

↑ A light, monochrome, photography driven layout was created to address the labels issues.
↑ ↓ The cursive font and little illustrative details reflect the artisans and the quality behind the labels.

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